1) COMMUNITY FOREIGNER CITIZENS are not required to residence permit if they stay in another member state. For periods longer than 3 months must enroll at the resident population (or in specific cases at the temporary population).

The FC COMMUNITY assisted by another Member State have the right to register at the Regional Health Service (SSR) for stays longer than three months with family members in charge if:

  • Employed or self-employed in the State (for an indefinite period if the employment relationship of indefinite duration until the expiry of the contract if temporary; seasonal workers registration may also be done for periods of less than 3 months)

  • Family members including non-EU citizens of employed or self-employed workers in the State

  • UE family members of Italian citizen registered with the SSR (indefinitely)

  • Residents in possession of a permanent residence certificate (> 5 years of residence in Italy) and their families who have acquired the individual right of permanent residence with the exception of children who are placed in the same certificate of parents (enrollment indefinitely)

  • Unemployed (already employed or self-employed) and their family members if:

duly recorded involuntary unemployment throughout the country, enrollment in center for employment and certificate of readiness to carry out work (enrollment until the remains of unemployed when which occurred after 1 year of employment, enrollment for a year if unemployment which occurred in the first 12 months of operation)

  • EU citizens who are following a course of professional training. In the event of involuntary unemployment conservation as an employed person assumed to be related to the professional activities previously carried out and the course of training followed (registration for the duration of the course)

  • Citizen proprietor of a Community form (see below), registration for the duration of validity of the form.

  • Victims of trafficking or enslavement eligible to social protection program. (Entry, after presentation of the documentation, for the duration of the assistance program)

  • Employed / self-employed worker temporarily incapacitated by illness or injury (valid subscription period for disability-injury)

  • Worker writing to the mobility list (subscription for the duration of the mobility period)

  • Prisoners, internees psychiatric hospitals, prisoners in semi-liberty (enrollment penalty for durability)

  • Community parents of Italian minors (membership renewed every year)

  • Minor entrusted to institutions and family.

enrolled EU citizens entitled to health care the same way as Italian citizens. Registration is done at the Registry ASP (provincial health authority) offices where you have the dwelling

The documents necessary for registration are:

- Identity document

- copy of the registered employment contract INPS

- Fiscal-code (also valid self-certification)

- Self-certification of residence or declaration of residence or domicile certificate request

- Chamber of Commerce registration certificate and opening match IVA return (only self-employed)

 -Certificate of marriage or birth for children or dependent family certification (for family members)

- Credit Permanent residence only in the case of family Extra-EU of EU citizen

- Registration In center for employment and document certifying the termination of the employment relationship and the duration (only in case of involuntary unemployment after having been employed in the national territory)

- certificate of enrollment in a course of professional training and a copy of the employment contract (only ex-workers who belong to a professional training course)

-Certificate of permanent residence (only holders of this certificate)

- Certificate Issued by police headquarters or pending entity that manages the assistance program (only for the victims of trafficking or slavery reduction admitted to special protection programs)

-Decree foster care or pre-foster care of the juvenile court or document certifying foster care protection together with fiscal code tutor and declaration of hospitality of the community / host tutor (only unaccompanied minors)


B) The COMMUNITY FC assisted by another member state in temporary stay in ITALY for periods <or> 3 months in the possession of the European Health Insurance Card (TEAM) are entitled to healthcare in the same way as Italian citizens. Women have the right to pregnant controls, childbirth if not programmed (urgent, early) for the planned delivery request the model E112 / S2; The termination of pregnancy is guaranteed only if medically necessary. TEAM is indicated in the address box on the state ISO code of issue and expiration date by which the benefits may be provided. The requirements (visits, medications) are made on red recipe.


C) The COMMUNITY FC residing or staying in Italy for> 3 months without health coverage from the state of origin, not in possession of TEAM, or certificate of entitlement (Community form) without the requirements for enrollment in the SSR, enrolled at register of residents or temporary population, possess sufficient resources not to become a burden on the state social assistance may:

- Turn a contract of private or public insurance that is valid in Italy, covering all risks, is valid for one year, indicating the coverage of family dependents, setting out the procedures for reimbursement. The person concerned must produce a translation into Italian of the policy.

-take to voluntary enrollment in SSR, the latter can also be requested by students enrolled in a public or private establishment recognized to follow a course of study or training.

For voluntary registration is required:

-Identity document

-Fiscal-code (also self-certification)

-Residence (Self-certification)

-attest payment fee

D) The COMMUNITY FC in poverty not in possession of TEAM, no certificate of right of residence and no requirements for entry to the SSR after the declaration of their state of poverty are entitled to the ENI Code (European non-subscribers) which provides: urgent and essential hospital care are guaranteed social protection of pregnancy and motherhood. the health of children, vaccinations, prevention and treatment and diagnosis of infectious diseases, international preventive interventions, preventive care and rehabilitation in the field of drug addiction. The ENI code has valid for six months and is renewable. It can be used for prescription of regional prescription (tests and specialist visits); prescription medications (with participation in expenditure-ticket); reporting for reimbursement.

For the issue of ENI card you need:

- identity document

- Declaration of actual residence

- Declaration of not being enrolled at the registry of the residents, to be present stably for more than three months in the Italian territory, does not receive a dependent health care institutions abroad and do not have insurance policies

- self-declaration of poverty


E) COMMUNITY FC WITH FORM: Are health benefit right certificates issued by the country of origin before leaving for Italy for certain categories of citizens:

- E106 / S1: certificate of entitlement to sickness and maternity for workers posted temporarily in another member country and their families, border, students, family members of unemployed (right to subscribe to the duration of the validity of SSR)

- E 109 / S1: for family members of employed persons residing in a state other than the competent (Registration SSR)

- E112 / S2: certificate for scheduled treatment in a Member State other than the competent only valid for that type of care. (Not intended listing SSR)

- E120 / S1: a health service right for pension or annuity seekers and their family residing in a state other than the competent Member (membership SSR)

- E121 / S1: Registration of pensioners or their family members residing in a state other than the competent (registration to unlimited SSR)

- E123 / S1: Right to health benefits resulting from accidents at work and occupational diseases of self-employed or resident or dwelling in Italy for work or care related to occupational disease (non-inclusion in the SSR).

   E / 106-109-120-121 enrollment involves the choice of the general practitioner, the release of the information document, the TS (health insurance card) starred no value as a TEAM.

   For E-112 is released information document and TS starred no value as a TEAM. For E-123 is released an informative document.

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