2)FOREIGN CITIZEN NOT COMMUNITY: can be regularly present if in possession of a residence permit (RP); Irregular who have had a residence permit who have not been able to renew; Illegal immigrants who do not have and have never had a residence permit.


A) The FC outside the European community have the right to register to SSR (Regional Health Service) and receive all the health benefits the same way as Italian citizens if they meet the following requirements:


Dependent employment (including seasonal) or self-employment

Family reasons (even family members aged> 65 years in Italy before 5/11/2008)

Political asylum or refugee status

humanitarian grounds Asylum / Subsidiary Protection

Request for international protection

asylum request (although the Dublin Convention)

Waiting for adoption

Foster care(including unaccompanied minors)

Citizenship Request

Holders of residence or long-term resident card

Non-EU family members of EU citizens registered to SSR

Pending employment

Waiting for regularization or emersion from the black labor

Foreign children on the national territory regardless of possession of a residence permit. Minors are staying for psycho-physical recovery hosted by families, organizations, associations as part of charity projects should be guaranteed health care for the duration of stay on presentation by the adult with custody of the documentation proving the temporary custody.

Parent who performs work with a residence permit for children assistance

Woman holding a residence permit for care during pregnancy and up to 6 months after the child's birth (registration for the child and for the parent)

Reasons of study for older previously compulsorily affiliated SSR

Prisoners in penitential institutions and psychiatric, in relative freedom with or without a residence permit

Permits for reasons of Justice

Religious reasons for religious who perform paid work and subject to withholding tax

Status of Stateless Persons

Reasons of study if the student is also employed

elective residence with ownership of Italian-contributory pension

Health benefits / humanitarian in case of expiry of the previous residence permit and supervening illness or injury that does not allow to leave the country


a) Looking forward to the first release of residence permit for non-EU citizens to proceed to registration SSR attaching requested documentation of the RP

b) The execution of a work activity or membership of an employment center for by law to register with the SSR even if a residence permit had been issued for employment or self-employment, or it does not provide for the registration to the SSR as in the case of student with fixed-term work, or parent who attends less

c) the FC writing to the SSR is registered together with family dependents

d) The homeless are considered residents in the municipality of residence

e) For those seeking international protection are referred to self-certification of actual residence or a declaration of hospitality

f) They are fiscally family dependent considered all family members in 2009 have not owned an income> Euro 2,840.51 gross of deductible expenses.

g) Registration for the SSR is valid from the date of entry until the expiry of the residence permit and does not decay in the renewal phase of the RP

h) to foreigners legally residing in the same way as Italian citizens it is issued the card TEAM

i) Health care facilities must provide official recognition to the SSR for foreign no-EU entitled but still not registered

l) you can use the affidavits of certification

 m) The fiscal code is issued by tax office (agenzia delle entrate)


For entry to the SSR requires the following documentations:

- copy of residence permit

- Attests to the submission of the request for a residence permit

-identity document

- fiscal-code (also self-certification)

- residence (self) or actual residence declaration

- At the center for employment use registration (if unemployed)

- Document of identity of the parent, the child's social security number, marital status (self-certification), certificate of adoption or foster care (for children awaiting adoption and foster care)

- copy Documentation proving been applied for regularization or emersion from irregular work

- documentation proving the conduct of legal employment

- Credit Stay or voucher from a release request

- Documentation Certifying the temporary custody as part of solidarity programs for temporary accommodation (for minors staying for psycho-physical recovery)

- Penitentiary Institute Certification or a legal proceedings (in the case of prisoners, alternative forms of punishment with or without residence permit)

B) The FC NO- COMMUNITY WITH RP > 3 MONTHS who do not fall into the categories entitled to compulsory registration SSR may require:

- Registration Volunteer at the SSR which can be obtained from the following categories of citizens:

1. residents for study

2. au pairs

3. choice of residence

4. religious personnel

5. foreigners participating in volunteer programs

6. Family> 65a. Entered Italy after 5/11/2008

7. foreign employees of international organizations operating in Italy, staff of consulates and diplomatic representations

8. Other categories identified for exclusion from the above categories.


Registration is subject to payment of a fee (minimum amount of 387.34 EUR) equal to 7.5% of the previous year, income up to € 20,658.27 and 4% on the portion exceeding that figure and up to 51,645.68 € and is also valid for family members; of € 149.77 for students (no family members); 219.49 for au pairs (no relatives), for these two latter categories for coverage of dependents, the amount rises to 387.34 Voluntary registration has a term coinciding with the calendar year Jan.-December . Students and au pairs can apply for voluntary registration to the SSR even for periods of stay <3 months

For voluntary registration ASP(provincial health authority) requires:

- copy of the residence permit or renewal application or declaration of stay of less than three months (only students and collocated at pairs)

- identity document

- fiscal code

- residence or actual residence declaration

- attest of payment

As an alternative to voluntary registration citizens above may enter into a valid insurance contract on the Italian territory.


C) FC NON-EU REGULARLY RESIDENCE IN ITALY FOR PERIODS <TO 3 MONTHS (eg.for tourism, business, visiting) not required to do compulsory voluntary registration are insured:

- The urgent performance in ordinary hospitalization, day hospital and outpatient with direct payment at discharge

- The election performance after payment of the relative rates (determined by region)

If the emergency provision remains unresolved the burden is borne by the Ministry of the Interior in which the company will require redemption through the prefecture.

With the following countries (Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cape Verde, Croatia, Monaco, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Republic of San Marino, Tunisia, Vatican City) there are reciprocal agreements to guarantee health care to citizens (remains the share of the costs-ticket)


D) The FC NO COMMUNITY STAYING IN ITALY FOR MEDICAL TREATMENT pursuant to art. 36 of T.U. They are authorized in three cases:

1) Input for cures by direct payment of charges (requires a visa, residence permit, public or private entity declaration dedicated to the care, certificate of deposit of a sum as security equal to 30% of the cost of the service request, documents proving the availability of sufficient resources in Italy for medical treatment, food and accommodation, repatriation, medical certificates attesting the pathology translated into Italian.

2) Transfer to Italy for treatment within humanitarian interventions authorized by the Ministry of Health in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs burden on ministries

3) Transfer to Italy for treatment as part of humanitarian intervention programs in the region

E) FC NO-COMMUNITY TEMPORARILY PRESENT (foreigner temporarily present-STP)

Citizens who are not in good standing with the residence permit are not accountable to the SSR. To them the National Health Service (SSN) guarantees the performance urgent or essential even if continuous ensuring the social protection of pregnancy and maternity, child protection, vaccinations, international preventive measures, prophylaxis and treatment of infectious diseases, treatment drug addiction. In addition to the patient must be ensured continuity of care and rehabilitation interventions. There are no differences with Italian citizens for the access to transplants and in recovery mode. Primary health care is provided by the ASP through clinics dedicated (in our town in the act 2 clinics, Aiuto Materno e Via Massimo D'Azeglio).

This is issued to foreigners temporarily an individual STP by the company consists of 16 characters (3 mended STP, 3 istat code of Sicily Region, 3 istat code our company and 7 consecutive number of characters). It is released on the occasion of the delivery of assistance to those who does not have it prior declaration of their personal data and a declaration of indigence. The STP will be used for prescription drugs, analyzes and examinations and for economic reporting. The STP code is valid for 6 months in all the national territory and is renewable in case of further stay. Benefits are provided at no cost to the patient except for the portion of any fees the same way as Italian citizens, in case of lack of resources as a result of his statement using the exemption code X01. The stranger STP is exempted like the Italian citizen participation in spending: direct access to health services (eg. Sert, counseling fam.); emergency services in the emergency room; protection of pregnancy and maternity; prevention; exemption for chronic diseases; aged <6 years and> 65 years;

Reimbursement for the company is required to:

- Ministry Of the Interior through the prefecture for urgent and essential hospital services

- al Regional Health Fund for preventive medicine performance and protection (points A-F of the Consolidated art.35)

The access of foreigners who do not comply should not be reported to the authority


Registration for the SSR request goes to the offices of the Registry ASP districts listed below. These offices also issue the ENI and STP codes

- Distretto 42 (ex 11 E10)

Via G. La Loggia No. 5 Tel. 091 / 7033262-73

Mon-Fri from 8.30 to 12.00; mart. 15-17

- Distretto 42 (ex 12)

Via Turrisi Colonna 43 Tel. 7032136 to 26 Mon-Ven- 8.30 to 12.00; Jn. 15-17

- Distretto 42 (ex 13)

Via Marchese di Villabianca 95 Tel. 091 / 7032349-82 Mon-Fri from 8.45 to 13; Mert. 15-17

- Distretto 42 (ex 14)

Via Giorgio Arcoleo 19 Tel. 091 / 7037378-86 Mon-Fri from 8.30 to 13; mart. And Thurs. 15-17

closed on 1st and 3rd lun. of the month


Foreigners Assistance Office ARNAS Civico-Di Cristina-Benfratelli tel. 091/6663291

Medical surgeries dedicated ASP Palermo:

-via Lancia Di Brolo (Aiuto Materno) Tel.091/7035422

-via Massimo D'Azeglio Tel.091/7032379

The Private Associations:

- Centro Astalli Piazza SS 40 Martiri Palermo Tel 091/6076283

- Poliambulatorio Ippocrate della Caritas diocesana Via Benfratelli 27 Palermo, Tel.091 / 5600241

- Poliambulatorio Emergency Via Gaetano La Loggia 5 / A Tel. 091/6529498

- Missione Speranza e Carità di Biagio Conte via Archirafi 31 Palermo Tel. 091/6161887

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